Austin’s 3-Visit Chiropractor,  
Daniel P. Bockmann, DC

We’re Serious About Fixing You Fast.

Has it been months, or even years since you could run without knee or lower back pain? Have you stopped going to bootcamps, classes or CrossFit because your shoulder hurts too much?  Getting pain or numbness down your arm or leg, and worried that it might be a disc herniation?  If so, we’d love to help!

Pain can force you to stop doing the things you love.  Whether it’s play, sport, work or just everyday life -- having to cut activity out of your life can be frustrating, and even depressing.  If you have severe pain, you’ve been in pain for a long time, or you’ve seen multiple doctors, and no one could fix you, things can start to feel hopeless.

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably found us because of our reputation.  Our reputation is that we get our patients well fast, get them back into the activities they love, and teach them how to never need us again.  That’s right -- no “forever” treatment plans.  We just want to fix you quickly, and show you how to keep feeling great on your own.  You’ll find literally hundreds of 5-star reviews from our patients on Google and Yelp telling this same story.  Here are just a couple:

Rafael Ruales

Absolute best in Austin, probably top 10 in the whole U.S too.

Ting-Ting Tiffany Chen

Dr. Bockmann is the best! I'd tweaked my neck somehow and been in pain for a month before I scheduled an appointment, and my only regret is that I hadn't done it sooner. Dr. Bockmann was confident I'd be feeling better within 3 visits, and it turned out to be 100% true. He has a very calm demeanor, answers all your questions patiently and thoroughly, and also leaves you with helpful exercises to do at home post-appointment. You can tell he's passionate about not only rehabilitation but also prevention. A big THANK YOU, Dr. Bockmann!

How fast do we get patients well?  Our average treatment plan is just 3 visits.  Some of our patients only have to be seen once or twice.  Even our post-op rehab patients (who’ve had knee surgery, back surgery, shoulder surgery, etc.) often only need 4-5 visits to get back into their active lives again.

If you’ve ever had chiropractic care or physical therapy before, you know that 3 visits is unheard-of.  Other chiropractors and PTs routinely say you need 8, 12, 36 visits or even more.  All those extra visits can cost you thousands of dollars, take up more of your time, and all too often -- don’t even fix the problem you came in for.

Dr. Bockmann is a rehab chiropractor.  “Rehabilitation” simply means: Restoring your quality of life, using therapies and coaching.  Over 20 years in practice, helping thousands of patients, Dr. Bockmann developed his Fast-Track Rehab Program, which enables him to get the often astonishing results he sees with patients.

Dr. Bockmann’s approach is unlike other doctors.  It is simple, and effective:

  • Identify the causes of your pain
  • Address the biggest causes first
  • Use the most powerful treatment “tools”
  • Get you back into work & play safely
  • Teach you how to prevent the same problem from coming back

To achieve the extraordinary results he expects, Dr. Bockmann spends plenty of time with you, one-on-one.  In your first visit, he’ll spend one full hour with you -- doing “detective work” to find the cause of your pain, doing an exam to eliminate “suspects”, then giving you a clear diagnosis, treatment plan, and prediction of exactly how quickly he expects you to recover.

He emails your “rehab homework”, so you can continue getting better on your own, between visits.  You’ll get video clips that show you how to do everything.  Dr. Bockmann insists that you contact him immediately if you have questions or new developments during your recovery, so he can give you direct answers to your concerns and keep you on track to getting well.

You will be able to do everything he tells you.  Your rehab program is built just for you -- all the stretches, exercises, self-massage and lifestyle modifications will be do-able, tolerable, and chosen because of their effectiveness.  Dr. Bockmann applies the same approach to his Olympic athlete patients as he does with his grandmas, soccer moms, high school kids and tech professionals -- his treatment approach adapts to everyone.

Once you’ve gotten out of pain, and back into the activities you love to do, Dr. Bockmann will release you “back into the wild!”.   This means he feels you’re equipped to get any additional progress on your own, and equipped to never need him again for the same problem.  From then on, if you ever have questions or new issues going forward, you still have access to him by phone or email for life -- and he wants you to keep him posted if you have questions.

If all of this sounds different than your typical experience in a doctor’s office, you’re right -- it’s very different, and on purpose.  It is our goal to deliver overwhelming value in your experience with us, and we have custom-tailored everything we do to achieve that goal for you.

Think you’re unfixable?  Think again!  Our favorite patients are the ones no one else has been able to fix.  “But Doc, I’ve had this low back pain for years.  I’ve had 2 MRIs, I’ve seen 2 spine surgeons, gone through 3 rounds of physical therapy, tried chiropractic, massage & acupuncture, had 2 epidural steroid injections, and I still have this pain running down my leg.  Surely there’s nothing you can do for me.”  Sound like you?  Don’t worry, we’ve heard it all before, and we LOVE helping patients just like you get better!

If you’re serious about getting well, call us now.  Sandra will help you pick a time that works for you.  Same-day and next-day appointments are often available!  (512) 386-1876

Max Heath

Can't recommend this guy enough. Saw Dr. Bockmann for my patellar tendonitis after I was told from another chiropractor that, at age 31, I should just give up running. Dr. Bockmann's goal is to get you active again ASAP. In only THREE visits, he got me back on track to my former active self. Can't thank him enough!

Erin Schroeder

Absolutely wonderful experience! He listens to you and gives you exercises for you to heal your own body. I wish more doctors shared his philosophy.

Hridik Ghosh

Dr. Bockmann is amazing! What I really liked about him is his focus on curing the patient within 3 sessions and not taking a single session beyond what is necessary. He is my physio go-to! Thank you Dr. Bockmann!