Building a Bulletproof Low Back Rehab Program Into Your Practice

Chiropractic CE Seminar
Sponsored in Texas by the
Texas Chiropractic Association
Meets State requirements for 8 hours of continuing education.


This course provides comprehensive, hands-on instruction on how to introduce
a simple, effective, evidence-informed low back rehab program into
any doctor’s practice, with little to no equipment needed.

Get 8 hours of CE credit in an exciting “learn-by-doing” experience,
that you can apply immediately in your practice on Monday morning.

Master all the key elements of an effective low back rehab protocol, and own them for life.

What You Will Learn...

A logical, reproducible diagnostic & treatment system
Eliminate clinical “noise”, and go straight to the “fix”
Simplify any back injury down to 2 possible causes
An automatically adaptable system that works with all patients, all injuries
Low-tech/no-tech rehab, no expensive equipment required
Exciting, interactive
seminar format