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A Learn-By-Doing Rehab Seminar Series
CEUs approved for DCs by the Texas Chiropractic Association
Courses open to all rehab professionals and students.

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Welcome to Rehab, Reinvented.

Each Bockmann Technique course provides comprehensive, hands-on instruction on how to introduce a simple, effective, evidence-informed rehab program into any doctor’s practice, with little to no equipment needed.

Get 8 hours of CE credit per course in an exciting “learn-by-doing” experience, that you can apply immediately in your practice on Monday morning.

How to take an airtight patient history
Streamlining your physical and orthopedic exam
Prescribing a powerful treatment plan
Measuring patient progress with outcomes assessment tools
Crafting a return-to-work/return-to-play
plan, and
Teaching your patients how to maintain their results

These courses provide the knowledge and skills necessary to enable the
busy clinician to build an effective low-tech/no-tech rehab protocol
into their practice, or streamline their existing one.

Rehab seminars are available for each of the following protocols:
Lower back, neck, shoulder and knee.

What is the Bockmann Technique?

Dr. Bockmann developed this technique over 19 years in clinical practice as a pre- and post-surgical rehab provider for spine and extremity conditions.

The Bockmann Technique simplifies rehab.

The Bockmann Technique starts
from the premise that there are only
2 reasons for musculoskeletal pain...


(too much, or too little),


(support muscles are unable
to protect the joint)

Working from this premise, musculoskeletal rehab becomes very straight-forward:

Assess, then address.

Results from the use of this technique are measurable, consistent, and dramatic. On average, across all patient populations in his practice, and all spine & extremity conditions, this technique produces:

85% Improvement
in Pain and Function

In 4

And this average includes post-op patients
(ACL reconstruction, shoulder labral tear repair, discectomy & fusion, etc.)

The power and reliability of this technique can enable the provider to develop a reputation
in their community as the “go-to” doctor for all musculoskeletal complaints
(both spine & extremity), and stand out in their field as a rehab expert.

The Bockmann Technique requires no expensive equipment, and uses only 5 “tools” to achieve these results:




Spinal Manipulation

Lifestyle modification

While none of these “tools” are new to most providers, the Bockmann Technique
uses them in a radically different way than most traditional methods.

And, this technique adapts automatically for all patients, all injuries.

For example, whether the patient is a 65-year-old sedentary diabetic female with back pain, or a 25-year-old CrossFit athlete with patellar tendonitis — the same techniques apply equally well.

Essentially, the Bockmann Technique eliminates clinical “noise”, and focuses only on the most important causes of pain, then addresses them with the obvious “fix”.

In the process, it simplifies rehab, and explains recovery in a way that makes sense to the patient.

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