From Dr. bockmann

I believe that good health is less elusive than we think.

In over 19 years of helping athletes recover from traumatic injuries through physiotherapy and rehab, I’ve found that the human body reliably tells us what it requires in order to heal, how fast it can progress and when recovery is complete.

By teaching our patients how to “listen” for these vital clues, and then how to respond, not only can we dramatically reduce recovery times in many cases, but also reduce chances of re-injury.

These principles hold true across the health spectrum, from systemic disease to sports injury, and we have incorporated them into our treatment protocols.

As a lifelong athlete myself I have had my share of injury, and I have used the same rehab and therapy techniques to treat myself — from a herniated lumbar disc to a rotator cuff tear to a patellar tendon injury.

As a sports medicine and rehab specialist, my goal is to equip each of our patients with the tools they need to acquire and sustain health “simply”, and reduce their need for specialists like me. In this way we seek to empower our patients, add to their pleasure of life and allow them to truly thrive.

About Me

In my free time I enjoy playing competitive beach volleyball in our famous Austin sunshine, sipping margaritas on patios and taking a dip in Barton Springs to cool off.

If you’d like to get back into the active, pain-free life you’ve had in the past, give us a call!