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Become a patient!  Schedule your first visit by calling us, and Sandra can help you pick a time that works for you.  Same-day and next-day appointments are often available!  (512) 386-1876

All visits are one-on-one with the doctor.  We set aside a full hour for your first appointment, so Dr. Bockmann has plenty of time to talk with you and learn about your injury, and do his examination.  He will explain your diagnosis thoroughly, so you understand why you’re hurting, then describe exactly what it will take to fix you, what recovery will look like, and how quickly he expects you to be able to return to full activity.  Any future visits are 30 minutes.

Not everyone needs x-rays or spinal adjustments!  You’ll only get what you need.  If Dr. Bockmann thinks you need imaging (x-ray or MRI) to get more information, he’ll tell you.  Spinal manipulation (“adjustments”) are specialized tools that are very effective at what they do, but not everyone needs them.  If the doctor thinks you require them, he’ll tell you, and explain everything beforehand.  If you’re not comfortable with something, we won’t do it.  

You’ll have homework!  The reason Dr. Bockmann gets such fast and long-lasting results is that he teaches you how to fix yourself, and how to keep your pain from coming back.  This means you have more power to get well, and stay well.  It also means you have to do work.  But you’ll be able to do everything he tells you.  He’ll email all your “rehab homework”, complete with video clips that show you how to do it.  These are the “tools in your toolbox” that help you look good, feel good and perform well, for life.

You have access to Dr. Bockmann, forever.  He provides his email and cell phone, and insists that you contact him immediately if you ever have questions or new developments, so he can address them immediately.  This is not just an offer -- he insists you let him know if questions arise, so he can keep you on the right track.

We are a fee-for-service clinic, and out-of-network with all insurance plans.  This is on purpose, since insurance plans don’t cover the level of service we provide, and our patients deserve.  Over 90% of our patients have excellent insurance, and choose to see us anyway.  On request, we are happy to provide you with a superbill (receipt for services we provided), which you can submit to your insurance company for possible reimbursement.  Note: All insurance plans are different, and may reimburse at different rates, or not at all.  We recommend speaking with your insurance company to clear up any questions you might have.

We’re often cheaper than using your insurance.  Because our treatment plans are so powerful, you don’t need as many visits as with other chiropractors or physical therapists.  This means you may actually pay LESS with us than if you went to an in-network doctor.  Have a high deductible?  You’ll often pay far less with us.

We accept all FSA and HSA cards!  Take advantage of your benefits with these fantastic programs.  Pay for services with us just like you would with a credit card.

Auto accident or personal injury?  We accept your auto policy (Personal Injury Protection or MedPay), and we do all the leg-work for you.  Just let Sandra know, and she’ll get the info she needs from you.  Most auto accident cases are covered at 100% through these plans.

We even accept cryptocurrency as payment!

As an additional convenience, we also accept Bitcoin and Ethereum as payment for your treatments.

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