If your case requires the expertise of another physician, we’ll only send you to the very best doctor for the job. Following is a list of doctors who meet our high standards.

Acupuncture / Trigger Point

Jennifer Stang, L.Ac.
Body Evolution Acupuncture and Wellness
(Lamar and 42nd)
(512) 522-7405

Biofeedback / Neurofeedback Therapy

Austin Biofeedback and Neurofeedback Center
(MoPac & Far West area)
(512) 794-9355

Chiropractic and Rehab

Dr. Daniel P. Bockmann, DC
(MoPac & 183)
(512) 386-1876


Pierce Green, LPC
(North Central Austin)


Chad Denman, DDS
Family Tree Dental Group
(Burnet Rd)
(512) 458-5999

Chris Gorham, DDS
Round Rock Family Dental Center
(512) 255-7839

Gregg Ueckert, DDS
(Village Center Dr.)
(512) 345-3166


Daniel Carrasco, MD
Austin Dermatology Associates
(512) 454-3781

Dana Jeng, MD
Spicewood Dermatology
(512) 331-7300

Ear, Nose & Throat

Steven Fyfe, MD
Fyfe ENT
(Campus Area & Cedar Park locations)
(512) 346-7600


Thomas Blevins, MD
Texas Diabetes & Endocrinology
(512) 458-8400

Family Medicine

Steven Margolin, MD
Paul Keinarth, MD
Sarah Pierce-Bregante, PA-C
Kelly Ferro, PA-C
Margolin & Keinarth, MD, PC
(Burnet Rd)
(512) 459-9889

Ron Byrd, MD
(Southwest Austin)
(512) 328-2752

Gerald Fincken, DO
ARC Far West
(512) 346-6611

Dominique Isaac, MD
ARC Anderson Mill
(512) 250-5571

Carson Higgs, MD
ARC Quarry Lake
(512) 338-8388

Tuyet Fannin, DO
Symphony Healthcare
(512) 454-3500

Betsey Sorensen, MD
Arbor Family Medicine
(Anderson Ln & MoPac)
(512) 522-7520


Harish K. Gagneja, MD
C. Kevin Hsu, MD
Dan C. Rice, MD
Austin Gastroenterology

Hand Surgery

Benjamin Amis, MD
ATX Ortho
(Near Central Market at 38th St)
(512) 213-4654

Harris S. Rose, MD
Texas Upper Extremity Specialists
(Near North Austin Medical Center)
(512) 551-0375

Internal Medicine

Hayan Yacoub, MD
ARC Far West
(512) 346-6611

Manish Naik, MD
ARC Cedar Park
(512) 260-1581

Massage Therapy

Donna Moench, LMT
Pro-Motion Massage
(South Austin)
(512) 825-9773

Rose Harris, LMT
(Angus Rd / 183 N)
(512) 669-3997

Sabrina Reddington, LMT
(W Anderson Ln / N Lamar)
(512) 791-2873

Nick Picchetti, LMT

Sherry Glover, LMT
Studio Mantra
(Mesa Dr / North Central)
(512) 960-4660

Myo Massage
(2 locations: Triangle and Downtown)
(512) 458-4696


Robert M. Cain, MD
Adult and pediatric neurology
(Mopac and 2222)
(512) 458-8900

Patience Reading, MD
Adult neurology, special emphasis on neuromuscular disease
(Mopac, just South of Parmer)
(512) 901-4061


Mark G. Burnett, MD
Douglas J. Fox, MD
K. Michael Webb, MD
(512) 474-1114

Obstetrics and Gynecology

Renee Lockey, MD
ARC South
(512) 383-9752

Christopher Seeker, MD
Austin Area Obstetrics
Gynecology and Fertility
(512) 451-8211


Sean Gallagher, MD
ATX Ortho
(512) 960-4590

Joel Hurt, MD
Texas Orthopedics
North Austin, Marble Falls, Bastrop
(512) 439-1000

Jeffrey Padalecki, MD
(Hip, knee and shoulder)
Medical Park Orthopedic Clinic
(Central Austin)
(512) 454-4561

Pain Management

Jeffrey Higginbotham, MD
Pain Management Consultants
(512) 454-9426

Andy Joshi, MD
Pain Care Physicians
(512) 326-5440

Sameer Sharma, MD
Capitol Pain Institute
(Shoal Creek Blvd)
(512) 467-7246


Jeffrey Bocchicchio, MD
Lone Star Circle of Care
(Round Rock)

Michael C. Holmes, MD
Lone Star Pediatrics
(512) 833-7334

Daniel Terwelp, MD
Pediatric Partners of Austin
(512) 345-6758

Personal Training

Austin Simply Fit
(512) 502-5032

Will Crosley, CPT, CSN
Body By Willpower
(512) 653-3962

Barron Jackson, CPT
(512) 669-5309

Marlow McShan, CPT
Marlow’s Fitness
(512) 657-8560

Pilates Instruction

Sandra Rector
Pilates Private Practice
(Buell Ave.)
(512) 740-0420

Plastic Surgery

Sergio P. Maggi, MD
Austin Plastic Surgery Center
(512) 345-3223


Steven A. Walters, DPM
Trinity Mereau, DPM
Capital Foot & Ankle Surgeons of Austin
(512) 474-6666

Registered Dietitians

Katie Provost, MS, RD, LD
sCULPture Nutrition & Fitness
(South MoPac)
(512) 994-4594

Sandi Spicer-Moore, RD
Shelley Madsen & Associates
(North MoPac)
(512) 338-4500